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Pan Am , originally Pan American World Airways, was the United States’ principal and largest air carrier. It became a cultural icon of the 20th century and as the unofficial flag carrier of the United States. Pan Am is renowned for making the world a smaller place.

pan america

Pan Am is the one brand that carried the spirit of America around the world in the ‘Golden Age of Aviation’ and the decades that followed WWII. Pan Am stands for prestige, new horizons, exploration, adventure and American achievement like no other trade mark. At MySky SkyCart we feel honored to be able to do our part to keep the legacy alive.

With over 85 years of heritage, Pan Am, today based in Dover, NH is one of the most recognized brands in the world and lives on today as a premier lifestyle brand and accessories manufacturer, as well as the official licensor of Pan Am products and services, in addition to their full line of travel inspired fashion accessories and handbags.

There is much more to know about Pan Am. You can find a wealth of information at Wikipedia, searching “Pan American World Airways” and “Pan Am Systems”.