If you own an airline galley cart conforming to the ATLAS standard, we have the authentic airline inserts in aviation quality for you.

ATLAS is the most common standard for galley equipment in the airline world. About 80% of all airlines use ATLAS food and beverage carts. Here is how you can make sure that your trolley is made according to the ATLAS standard:

  1. Count the runners inside your cart. If there are 13, chances are you have an ATLAS cart.
  2. To be sure, also measure the horizontal inside width of your cart. It needs to be 10 ¾".

If you count 13 runners and measure an inside width of 10 ¾ inches you can be sure that you have an ATLAS cart and that our accessories will fit.


Other standards usually have many more than 13 runners. But there are also some carts with 13 runners and an inside width of 12 inches. Unfortunately, for these carts we cannot supply the inserts.

SkyCart™ Poly Drawer
Item 90070 – $29.00

Made of durable, high grade polypropylene for an authentic airline look. Up to seven drawers can fit in one airline galley cart, each can hold 20 pounds.

10 ¾“ x 15” x 4 ¼”      1 ¾ lbs.

Aluminum Drawer

SkyCart™ Aluminum Drawer
Item 90061 – $59.00

Upgrade your airline cart and add extra style with the original lightweight aluminum drawer as you have seen many times on your airline travels.

10 ¾“ x 15” x 4 ¼”      1 ⅜ lbs.

SkyCart™ Aluminum Shelf
Item 90060 – $49.00

Sturdy aluminum flat shelves match the SkyCart›s aluminum frame and interior. A SkyCart can hold up to 13 aluminum shelves.

10 ¾“ x 15” x ⅛”      1 ⅞ lbs.

SkyCart™ Aluminum Wine Shelf
Item 90062 – $55.00

Clever recesses hold three bottles of wine securely per shelf. An airline trolley can typically hold up to 7 Aluminum shelves.

10 ¾“x 15” x ½”      1⅝ lbs.

SkyCart™ Acrylic Drawer
Item 90081 – $99.00

Elegant but functional. Acrylic inserts add a touch of luxury to your SkyCart.

10 ¾“ x 15” x 4 ¼”      3.0 lbs.

SkyCart™ Acrylic Shelf
Item 90080 – $55.00

A very elegant shelf, specifically developed for the use of SkyCarts in a home or upscale office environment.

10 ¾“x 15” x ⅛”      1½ lbs.

SkyCart™ LED-Shelf
Item 90090 – $299.00

LED lights illuminate the area above and below this shelf with glass top and bottom.
Comes with 110V power supply and battery box for 8 AA cells (not included).

10 ¾“ x 15” x 0.8”      7 lbs.

SkyCart™ Butcher Block
Item 90040 – $119.00

US made maple butcher block, treated with food grade cutting board oil. Fits right on top of your SkyCart™. It might also fit on your existing airline trolley—please check the dimensions.

10 ¾“ x 14 ⅛” x 1.5”      6.2 lbs.

Plastic Food Tray
Item 90051 – $39.00 set of 5 - white
Item 90052 – $39.00 set of 5 - black

A light plastic tray to serve food items directly from a SkyCart. Sold in batches of 5. Dimensions and weight for 1 tray.

10 ¾“ x 15” x ½”      7 oz.