A Customized SkyCart is the Ideal Vehicle to Showcase Your Corporate Identity…

…contact us anytime for more information. Just let us know about your ideas and what you want to achieve – and we will come back with suggestions. Our graphic designer has created solutions for all kinds of personal occasions and many business applications. If you have your own graphic department, we can supply a template with instructions, measurements, and hints how to turn your project into an exciting success.

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Our customer Hazel’s "is proud to offer Boulder County’s largest selection of wine, beer and spirits in a fun and friendly atmosphere." It is obvious that they have a very special and sophisticated approach to present themselves to the local market. It shows on their website https://www.hazelsboulder.com/

Their graphic designer created a SkyCart™, implementing the outstanding artwork which they use to represent their corporate identity.

See their SkyCart™ from all angles in the “Spin View” and watch in “Door View” how the inside graphics of the door match the side panel underneath. When the door is fully opened, it is kept in this position by an invisible pair of magnets.