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July 10, 2023
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49 Different Ways to Use a SkyCart™ - and Counting….

The SkyCart™ is a factory new, authentic airline trolley as it is used for food and beverage service aboard the world’s best reputed full-service airlines. It is produced by a manufacturer which supplies the airlines with galley trolleys certified by the aviation authorities. It meets all the specifications for airline galley carts in service on commercial aircraft - ensuring authentic aviation quality, style and unparalleled durability.

In an airliner you will see them used to supply food and drinks to the passengers. That is what they are designed for. They are extremely robust, but also very light (every ounce counts on board of an aircraft), compact and easy to move around. These are virtues which will also go well for an exclusive and decorative addition to your home. But beyond that the SkyCart™ will be as functional in your home or office as it is at 38,000 ft.

The many exterior options make it easy to fit a SkyCart™ into any conceivable style of interior decoration. You like it traditional? The classic designs are for you. Your interior is very colorful? Check out the vibrant designs. Are you into minimalist design? Check this out! Are high-tech oriented? Look at these!

One popular use in a home (and some offices) is as a bar cart. Imagine, after dinner, you can roll your bar right to the table and serve your guests their favorite drinks. These are some examples of the SkyCart™ used as a rolling home bar:


Your SkyCart’s interior is customizable with a selection of interior accessories. You can use it with an aluminum shelf and a drawer as your home bar – to store bottles and utensils. Or it can be fitted with aluminum wine shelves to create a spectacular wine storage and serving unit.

This is an example of a SkyCart™ as a wine bar:

The rolling compact bar, be it filled with liquors or with fine wines, is very similar to what airline galley carts are being used up in the air. Here is another use, close to what an airline trolley would see at cruising altitude: serve food. This one is filled with cupcake desserts to be served at a larger party.

Something that you don’t see so much in airplanes: your coffee or espresso center as an eye-catching conversation starter in your home or business:

You like to fire up the grill in the summertime? You could use a little more space for storage and prepping? How about this?


So much for serving food and drinks. But there is much more functionality. Especially as there are so many interior options to choose from. Look here! These are a couple examples of the SkyCart™ configured for office use - or as a complete home office for that matter:



Find more about your mobile office and storage solution here.

Back to food. A SkyCart™ can be very useful in the kitchen. For storage and food preparation. You can build a whole kitchen island from airline trolleys…


Bathroom or spa. Towels, utensils… everything finds neat storage in a SkyCart™:



There are many more uses for a SkyCart™ in a home. Too many to list here. But we should not close without taking a look at how an airline trolley can be a useful asset in a business environment. The interior can be customized in many ways. The selection of drawers and shelves makes it easy to configure a SkyCart™ for office use. They see use in lawyers’ offices. Medical doctors, dentists, opticians and many other professions use their SkyCart™ each and every day.

Many of the airline galley carts used by businesses and professionals are customized on the outside. It can be a logo or some other artwork, like product images. The follwing examples show some of them. If it’s not enough, please go to our Examples & Ideas section for more.