March 28, 2023

Cool! But where have I seen one of these before?

Maybe on my last flight? Factory new and authentic – just like the ones used for food and beverage service aboard the world’s best reputed full-service airlines. But it could also be a stylish addition to your home: The trolleys on airliners don’t usually look like this. The SkyCart™ is different. It comes in exciting designs: Classic, Vibrant or even completely Customized. The SkyCart™ was designed to be versatile and useful in many different applications. It makes a fantastic home bar. But it could also be very useful as a compact, rolling home office. But that there is more… Check […]
March 23, 2023

SkyCart™ - The Ideal Vehicle For Your Catering Business

After all, the SkyCart™ is an authentic airline catering cart! It was designed with catering in mind. Conditions on board of an airliner are more difficult and demanding than anywhere else. If a SkyCart™ can succeed at 30,000 ft., it can do it anywhere. Light weight, durability, easy maneuvering and versatility were the most important virtues the airlines were looking for at the time. The airline trolley was designed about 50 years and was changed only slightly over the years. It was an immediate success with the airlines, and it was so well designed that there has not been much […]
March 2, 2023

SkyCart™ Manhattan

Take a look at it from all angles: And now imagine what could be inside: Check it out here: