July 10, 2023

Your SkyCart™ Customized With Your Favorite Airport Code

You know that an airline trolley would make a great compact home bar… …but how about a brand new SkyCart™ in authentic aviation quality and durability – customized with your favorite airport’s three letter identification code? Like this one here: Or would you rather prefer to display your favorite airline’s two digit IATA code on your SkyCart™? We can do that too: They come in four different colors to choose from: blue, red, green or yellow: Personalize yours with either a 2 digit airport code or a 3 digit airline code. And best of all, this is a new item […]
July 8, 2023

A SkyCart™ for the MySky MS-1 Aircraft Project

Here at MySky our main business is the development of light aircraft. It should not come as much of a surprise that we designed a customized SkyCart™ for ourselves. It will be used in our office, when it is not in use at a trade shows or other events where we present the MySky MS-1 aircraft project. It is an excellent example of how a SkyCart™ can be customized to not only show corporate logos or products. Way beyond that, a full customized trolley can tell a complete story. In this case it communicates what the MySky MS-1 project is […]
July 8, 2023

SkyCart™ in the Center of Corporate Events

A while ago a customer (an event organizer) rented a couple SkyCarts from to use during airline themed special event. We customized them with a simple logo banner. The customer hired hostesses in flight attendant uniforms and had them distribute promotional items during the event.  The airline service carts added significantly to the authentic touch of the event.   The SkyCarts below did not really go to a corporate event. But similar. They were used in the VIP lounge at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis during Super Bowl LII. They were slightly modified to hold a flag pole and […]
July 8, 2023

A SkyCart™ As a Retirement Gift For an Airline Pilot or Flight Attendant

  A SkyCart™ makes an excellent gift for professionals in the airline industry. That’s obvious. But very often spouses or friends come up with great ideas to customize an airline trolley in such a way that it reflects the career or important milestones in the professional life of a person. This galley cart is an example where a airline pilot bought one for himself. He started, decades ago, at Western Airlines – an airline that operated from 1926 until 1987 when it merged with Delta Airlines.  He managed to find some original Western Airline stickers and decorated his SkyCart™ to […]
July 8, 2023

SkyCart™ in the Spa

Quite a few of our SkyCarts have found their way into spas all over the United States:   In the spa it is all about aesthetics. The classic style of an airline trolley fits perfectly into an environment where beauty, quality and reliability count. The elegance of the design and the perception of top quality makes an airline service trolley the ideal workstation which provides prestige, convenience and organisation in a top of the line spa. The salon’s SkyCart™ makes it easy to pamper the guests wirh adequate at hand storage. The trolley keps those beautiful polishes, warm towels and […]
July 6, 2023

Spooky - A SkyCart Created as a Tribute to a Vietnam Era Gunship

The idea was to help the Topeka Air Combat Museum keep their Spooky AC-47 gunship flying. They kept it in airworthy condition and participated in air shows to keep history alive.   Read more about Spooky and its history on Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_AC-47_Spooky You might also be interested in a SkyCart with WWII nose art.  How about these here: https://myskycart.com/noseart1/
July 6, 2023

Why Does a SkyCart have a Dry Ice Drawer?

This is the Dry Ice Drawer. It comes with every SkyCart. You do not need to order it separately, it is part of the basic SkyCart. This Dry Ice Drawer is part of the original ATLAS standard. At the time the airlines filled these drawers with dry ice to keep the food cool during the long flights. Today, some still use it that way. Other airlines have installed refrigerated bays where they park their airline trolleys during long flights. At home, in the office, or at an event you might still use the drawer to keep food items cool. You […]
July 6, 2023

Cupcakes in a SkyCart

A SkyCart is ideal to serve desserts. Serving food or drinks is exactly what the airline galley carts were designed for. Especially when you want to serve a large number of dessert items quickly. This one here holds 84 cupcakes:    
July 6, 2023

The Bavarian SkyCart

We created this one for a customer from Bavaria. It is covered in Bavarian blue “diamonds” (Bayerische Rauten) as they are shown on the Bavarian state flag. As our clients roots actually traced back to the Bavarian city of Munich, we also included the Munich municipal coat of arms: It serves great to present Bavarian specialties like Pretzels: Or Bavarian “Wurstsalat” with a cold beer:  
July 6, 2023

How to Wrap a Skycart as Birthday Gift

Yes, it can be done. You will need quite a lot of wrapping paper but the size and weight (only 29 lbs. empty) don’t prevent wrapping. Look at this one: We ship our airline trolleys in heavy card board boxes. The size is 42″x18″x14″ and the shipping weight is 34 lbs. for an empty SkyCart. This is what the shipping box looks like: Inside, the SkyCart is protected by styrofoam sheets. Once you lift (or roll) it out of its box you can use it right away. There is absolutely no assembly required.