SkyCart™ in the Center of Corporate Events
July 8, 2023
Your SkyCart™ Customized With Your Favorite Airport Code
July 10, 2023

A SkyCart™ for the MySky MS-1 Aircraft Project

Here at MySky our main business is the development of light aircraft. It should not come as much of a surprise that we designed a customized SkyCart™ for ourselves. It will be used in our office, when it is not in use at a trade shows or other events where we present the MySky MS-1 aircraft project.

It is an excellent example of how a SkyCart™ can be customized to not only show corporate logos or products. Way beyond that, a full customized trolley can tell a complete story. In this case it communicates what the MySky MS-1 project is about, what the airplane looks and how it can generate a lot of fun and excitement in the sky.

Please took a look at it from all angles. Notice how the customization of the opened door (held in the fully open position by a magnet) is designed to fit exactly above the sidepanel underneath.


Got it interested in the MS-1 aircraft? Watch a video: