SkyCart™ Manhattan
March 2, 2023
Cool! But where have I seen one of these before?
March 28, 2023

SkyCart™ - The Ideal Vehicle For Your Catering Business

After all, the SkyCart™ is an authentic airline catering cart! It was designed with catering in mind. Conditions on board of an airliner are more difficult and demanding than anywhere else. If a SkyCart™ can succeed at 30,000 ft., it can do it anywhere.

A SkyCart™ makes a fantastic rolling wine bar…

Light weight, durability, easy maneuvering and versatility were the most important virtues the airlines were looking for at the time. The airline trolley was designed about 50 years and was changed only slightly over the years. It was an immediate success with the airlines, and it was so well designed that there has not been much room for improvement up to this day.

…or an excellent fully stocked liquor bar.

Outside the airline business it has become a luxury item with high prestige value. Guests recognize a SkyCart™, they remember them from their travels with full service airlines, maybe traveling in international business class.

SkyCart™ in action during a convention meeting. This one is used to distribute promotional items.

Countless customization options are a big draw for the catering industry. It can be a clients logo (or product photos! ) at a trade show show function or personal pictures for a wedding reception, see some examples:

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