Airline Trolley in PanAm Livery
June 10, 2023
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June 28, 2023

Finally: Airline Food Trays Available - also for the owners of “repurposed” Airline Trolleys

Since the seventies of last century, airline trolleys, also called galley carts or airline service carts, have been a common sight inside airliners of the world’s premium airlines. When airplanes got larger, hand delivery of food and drinks to passengers was no longer practical.  The airline trolley was the solution to the problem – and still is today.

In recent years, used airline trolleys, of which the airlines disposed of, have become a sought-after collector’s item.

Not only are airline galley carts useful as a mobile storage unit (there are numerous good uses on the ground for them), but many collectors specifically cherish the aviation flair in their home.

They are proud of an item in their living room which has traveled the world and spent millions of miles at 30,000 ft., most of the time way above all clouds.

Many owners of used trolleys found it difficult to find the accessories or inserts which the needed because the airlines often sold their galley carts without them.

While we have been supplying high end aluminum drawers and other accessories for years, we only recently decided to add these low cost food trays to our product line. This way a collector can put a trolley with “flight experience” to good use without braking the bank.

These food trays are available through our shopping cart. Buy yours here!