MySky SkyCart™- an Airline Galley Cart to Showcase the Unparalleled Style of WWII Nose Art
May 25, 2023
An airline trolley in attention getting red carbon fiber finish - the ultra cool SkyCart™
June 4, 2023

Your SkyCart™ as Your Mobile Espresso Center


Something which they don’t do at the airlines with their galley trolleys! At least, I have not seen it yet…

An Espresso Machine is a great fit for a SkyCart™

Many Espresso machines (Nespresso in this case) fit on top of an airline trolley with lots of space underneath to store all the supplies and utensils needed to serve espresso in style. Depending on the occasion you can roll it directly to the dinner table or wherever it is needed or useful.

Need to know the exact dimensions of an ATLAS airline trolley? You find them here: