The First SkyCart™ For Monaco
May 1, 2023

SkyCart™ Airline Trolleys For JETKIDS

JETKIDS of Oslo, Norway, has developed a fantastic product for parents who want (or need) to travel with young children on commercial airliners. If you travel with small children, or have relatives or friends who do, you need to check out their website:

It is about an aviation inspired, premium quality, ride-on suitcase that is within carry-on dimensions. They topped the whole thing with a patented integrated bed/leg-rest feature. It’s named the BedBox and it became the perfect travel companion for children up to around 7 years.

The BedBox is marketed online and shipped almost everywhere in the world. But they also take it to trade shows. This is where the SkyCart™ Airline Galley Cart comes into play.

JETKIDS has a very modern, almost minimalistic booth design with a clear aviation theme and they use a SkyCart™ in Alpine White with their logo all around. It fits perfectly to their booth design.

And beyond supporting the flair of aviation and travel excitement, a MySky Airline Service Cart (SkyCart™) is more than useful as trade show equipment. It is easy to ship, robust and durable. It can be rolled around in the booth, depending on where it is needed. It can cold up to 200 pounds of booth equipment or supplies which can be locked away securely overnight, using a small padlock. It is a perfect stand for an iPad or a small laptop and – for those who still prefer paper and pencil – it’s top is at the perfect height for a stand-up desk.

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