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August 29, 2023
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Decorate Your Trolley, Your Plane, Your Car, Your Luggage or… With WWII Nose Art

Nose Art Decal “READY FOR DUTY

Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal in Aviation Grade Quality

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Nose Art Decal “Miss B. Haven”

Self Adhesive Vinyl Decal in Aviation Grade Quality

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Decorate your airplane, your car, your travel bags, your fridge, your computer or many other things with WWII style nose art!

The Unparalleled Style of WWII Aircraft Nose Art is a unique form of original American art developed during the tense days of air combat during World War II and it was continued later during the Korean War and some can be found in the Vietnam era.

The origin of nose art or its precursors goes back to ancient time. It is driven by the desire to personalize a weapon or any object to make it unique among thousands of others. Decorating it in a distinguishable way makes it unique.

Much of the artwork on war machines was inspired by the magazines and calendars of the time. Disney characters play an important role, as well as the comic strip heroes which were popular in the early 40s. But the most influential artist was Alberto Vargas.

Vargas produced most of the airbrushed artwork for Esquire magazine’s pin up page.

In the Air Force, some units were lucky enough to have talented artists among them and produced excellent pieces of art on their airplanes’ noses. Others did not have the expertise nor access to the raw materials. Nose Art comes in all grades of quality but it is always original and an expression of its time.

READY FOR DUTY  and Miss B. Haven are created in the style of Alberto Vargas and is available as vinyl decal in a variety of sizes. Every decal comes with detailed application instructions.

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