An Impressive Performance - With Airline Trolleys as Supporting Actors
September 20, 2023
New SkyCart™ Model - Designed on a Customer’s Suggestion
September 30, 2023

Not Quite Sure Which One is the Right SkyCart™ For You? Build a Paper Model to Help Decide!

There are so many options for the exterior design of the SkyCart™ that it can be difficult to decide which is the best fit for your interior decor. But wait - there is help on the way!

You can print almost all of our designs on a letter size paper sheet on your home or office computer. Just go to our web page “SkyCart Models”, select which one you like and print it. Then cut it out, fold it and assemble it with glue or tape. It’s easy.

If you are in doubt, just print another one.

For best results use good quality paper (presentation paper is ideal) and set your printer to best quality color output. Otherwise the colors might not come out as bright as they should.

Here is the link to the page from which you can print directly: