4th of July Special
June 7, 2023
Have you been to the Marriott Vacation Club pulse® in NYC lately?
August 13, 2023

SkyCart™ LED Illuminated Shelf For ATLAS Airline Trolleys

Imagine your selection of precious bottles displayed in bright or colorful LED light.

Here is a preview on something new that we have in the making, it will be available very soon:

7 different colors and many color changing modes can be selected via RF wireless remote control.

The SkyCart™ LED Shelf  comes with a 110V power supply. To preserve the mobility (“roll-it-to-the-table”) , a battery box for 8 AA cells for more than 10 hours continuous light is also included.

For maximum mobility, small lithium iron battery packs with 3000 mAh for 6 hours or a 6000 mAh for 12 hours are available.