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July 31, 2023
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August 27, 2023

Have you been to the Marriott Vacation Club pulse® in NYC lately?

It is the best place to relax and enjoy the beautiful New York City skyline with amazing views of the Empire State Building. They just added a new attraction to their rooftop oasis, a full-size SkyCart™. Its customized décor showcases the thrill of Manhattan at night. It’s place is on the all-weather rooftop lounge overlooking the iconic Empire State Building and the city beyond. The customized SkyCart™ proudly displays the pulse® Manhattan brand.

pulse® is centrally located between Penn Station and Grand Central Station, top destinations including Times Square, Broadway theater district, and elegant designer boutiques on Fifth Avenue are in nearby.

An amazing view of the Empire State Building from pulse®‘s all weather rooftop oasis Top of the Strand

Top of the Strand at Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, New York City with it’s ultra modern roll away cover

A full size SkyCart™, customized to match the spectacular view and all the excitement on pulse® ‘s unforgettable rooftop oasis.

If you have not been there, you should check out their web site:

And while you are there, don’t miss to check out this page with fantastic photos of “Top of the Strand”, showing the unique roll away glass cover and the unbelievable view of the Empire State Building: Top of the Strand