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August 13, 2023
A new additon to our line of WWII Nose Art models is coming: SkyCart™ SCP413 “Lucky Partners”
September 6, 2023

The Expertly Designed And Well-Crafted SkyCart™ - Part 1

The Beauty is in the Detail

The SkyCart™ was designed and is specifically built as a galley trolley for the airline industry. An industry which is not only heavily regulated, it is also known to demand high quality. An item built for the airlines will last forever anywhere else.

The airline industry is very safety conscious. That shows not only in the design, but also in the exceptional craftmanship that goes into a SkyCart™.

It needs to be light. So, it’s made from aluminum. But the aluminum is not just bent to the shape needed. All load carrying parts are made from extruded aluminum. The extrusions are joined together by stainless steel bolts.

Look at the photo above. See the handlebar above the top drawer (the “Dry Ice Drawer”)? This handlebar is extruded from aviation grade aluminum in beautiful shape. It is then connected to the corner piece which is machined from an aluminum billet. There is not sharp edge. Everything is rounded off and connected with stainless steel bolts. All the aluminum parts are anodized, before they are assembled, to make them more decorative, durable, and corrosion-resistant - while preserving the appearance of natural aluminum.

They can’t have sharp edges inside an airliner’s cabin: Once in a while, an airline trolley bumps into a passenger’s elbow or knee. That’s bad enough but imagine how bad it would be if there were sharp edges. They can’t have that on an airliner. And you will also love your SkyCart™ which was designed with so much thoughtfulness and built with expert craftmanship.

In your home or office, it will make a statement of luxury and emphasizes your dedication to quality and the finer things in life.