October 13, 2023

Can I Have a Server Wheel It Around to Serve Drinks?

Today I received a message from a potential customer who asked this question: “… would I be able to use this at an event and have a server wheel it around to serve drinks? Or is it meant to be more stationary?” This one was easy to answer: “Yes, of course, this is exactly what the SkyCart™ and all airline trolleys are made for. They are designed to be used in a flying commercial airliner and will be pushed up and down the aisles all the time.” Then, I noticed, that on our web site we do not really explain […]
July 5, 2023

SkyCarts Serve at Chicago’s Soldier Stadium

If you visit the VIP Lounge at Soldier Stadium in Chicago you will have a chance to order a cocktail straight from one of our SkyCarts: They had their own graphics department design the decoration for the SIP & SOAR and AVIATOR Craft Cocktails SkyCarts. What could be more appropriate than to serve AVIATOR Craft Cocktails from an airline trolley? We modified the SkyCarts slightly so that they can display a flag. This way they are easier to spot in a lounge which  might get crowded at times.